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adidas Originals - Hand of God Jacket

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As the US soccer team battled a few bad calls by the referee, to tied with Italy Saturday afternoon. It reminded us the most controversial goal in World Cup history

In the 1986 World Cup, during the quarterfinal match between Argentina and England, Argentina’s Diego Maradona used his hand to assist with a goal. It happened so fast, most, including the referee and England’s goal keeper missed Maradona’s violation. Subsequently, Argentina went on to win the 1986 World Cup title. When asked about the violation, the flamboyant Maradona replied it was “…a little of the hand of God…”

To commemorate that event and to coincide with this year’s World Cup, adidas Originals created the Hand of God track jacket. It is a replica track jacket worn by the 1986 Argentina soccer team, with the exception of Maradon’s famous quote printed on the back.

> adidas Originals Hand of God Jacket

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