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Hysteric Glamour x Sue Rynski

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Sue Rynski x Hysteric Glamour Eye Tee

Hysteric Glamour x Sue Rynski - 0

Hysteric Glamour's collaborations again! Here's 2 interesting tees from Destroy All Monsters Photo Exhibition by Sue Rynski @ ZAMIANG.

Photographer Sue Rynski is an insider of the pre-punk/punk rock scene that she documented during 1977-82 in her native Detroit. Trained at the University of Michigan School of Art, at Rhode Island School of Design and in Paris, she found artistic inspiration in the re-emergence of powerful original rock music.

> Hysteric Glamour

> Sue Rynski

Peep the 2nd tee after the jump...

ZAMIANG x Hysteric Glamour Patty Smith & Fred Sonic Photo Print Tee

Hysteric Glamour x Sue Rynski - 1