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June 13th @ Joyce HK

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June 13th @ Joyce HK - 0 reports a new exhibition that is taking place in the Joyce store at Pacific Place in Hong Kong. Dr Romanelli, Jose Parla, and Hiroki Nakamura join forces to produce a very interesting exhibtion/collaboration. In this show there are many things for sale. Cut and sew jackets made by Dr. Romanelli and Jose Parla, T-shirts, Jeans, sneakers (visvims), and bags were offered for sale. For more detailed pictures of the exhbition please visit

> Dr. Romanelli x Jose Parla Presents.....June 13th[]

> June 13th
> Dr Romanelli
> Jose Parla

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June 13th @ Joyce HK - 1

June 13th @ Joyce HK - 2

June 13th @ Joyce HK - 3