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The Singapore Fling: An reminiscing look into DesignEDGE Conference & Expo 2005

Last Fall, Freshness flew to Singapore for this rare gathering of talents. For those of you who couldn't attend, IdN just published a book that captures the essence of DesignEDGE and deliver the core messages of various talents. This publication also comes with a complementary DVD containing exclusive interviews and behind the scenes footages.

Conference Presents lineup:
DELTA, Mode2, Answer, UNKLE, Kostas Seremetis, D-Fuse, United Visual Artists, Surrender, MoWax, Kazuki Karaishi, Rostarr, Maharishi, The Designers Republic.

Expo lineup:
Parisydneytokyo, Faile, LMAC, Rostarr, D-Fuse, United Visual Artists, Eness, FeedTank, Mixed Reality Lab, Playmotion!, DELTA, The Designers Republic, Eleven18, MEDICOM TOY Corporation, MODE2, Rolitoboy, Toy2R, Devilrobots, Kostas Seremetis, Maharishi, Surrender, Gasum VDL, Lee YongJe, Mass Studies, mmmg, Sugarcube, Sulki + Min.

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Press Release:

The Singapore Fling: An reminiscing look into DesignEDGE Conference & Expo 2005

The IdN produced DesignEDGE Conference & Expo was the kick-off event for the inaugural Singapore Design Festival 2005. Some of the most creative units from our planet, e.g. D-Fuse, Rostarr, UNKLE, The Designers Republic, Eleven18, Devilrobots etc, were invited to share their brilliant minds, making the Conference one of the most memorable of its kind. The sheer size and scope of this festival, stretching for several weeks offered a tantalizing menu of activities.

The guests of DesignEDGE demonstrated precisely what it was that drove them to overturn the prevailing "rules of the game", and how they arrived at the inspiration to see things from a whole new perspective - that in turn inspired other creative spirits around the world.

An unprecedented decision to divide the expo into a series of specialist pavilions, the expertise on display is clearly labeled: Art, Fashion, Interactive, Korean, Music, Print and Urban. The point of having them all gathered together under one inclusive roof is to show how complementary they are one to the other, and how misleading labels can be in this New Age of accommodation and cooperation.

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