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The Brand Underground - aNYthing, The Hundreds...

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The Brand Underground - aNYthing, The Hundreds... - 0

Quite a bit has been written about the culture that sites like Being Hunted and Freshness has been reporting on the past few years. And nearly every time it's by a misinformed reporter who hasn't done nearly enough research or gotten deep enough to make the article appreciated. Rob Walker, who we met when we first started Freshness, is perhaps the most in-the-know reporter out there today. In his recent Consumed column, (NY Times Magazine column) he takes a deep 7 page look into "The Brand Underground", a look into the culture or sub-culture that is our second nature. This is the stuff that we know and live by, this is the reason why when reporters try to infiltrate our culture in an article it's off putting. Yet in The Brand Underground, Rob gives us an education on our lives; making sense of it that is. Rob studies 3 brands that we love and admire - aNYthing (that's a new york thing, not anything), Barking Irons and The Hundreds in his column. This is perhaps the most informing article written so make sure to peep it.

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