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Sticker Graphics 2

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Sticker Graphics 2 - 0

I have a huge love for stickers! I am always fiending for them and have a few bags of them collected over the years. When Sticker Graphics 1 came out last March, it was an instant pick up for me. Peeping $old Out earlier today and I saw that Sticker Graphics 2 recently dropped. It's already been ordered! The new box set comes with a nice sticker pack along with a cdrom. Send me some stickers!!

> Sticker Graphics 2 @ $old Out (Europe)

> Sticker Graphics 2 @ (US, affiliate link)

> Sticker Graphics 1 @ (US, affiliate link)

Peep below for more images and book description...

Sticker Graphics 2 - 1

Sticker Graphics 2 - 2

Images via: Sticker Graphics 2 @ $old Out (Europe)

Sticker Graphics 2 - 3

Sticker Mania is back again! For the original fans of the much-loved All You Need is Sticker Graphics comes this new collection of arresting and dy-no-mite designs in sticky art. Stuck on skateboards, suitcases, guitars, cars, stationery, street signs, helmets & more, stickers have always been the more ubiquitous siblings of graffiti. A thriving subculture in their own right, stickers continue to proliferate and mutate with urban trends & creative impulses. This striking, brand new box of treasures showcases the latest talents in sticky graphics for all those who just cant get enough of a sticky good thing. This package comes in 4 different colors: Green, Orange, Pink and White.

Participating artists include: Kazuhide Abe/ Akinori Oishi/ ATAQUE/ Buro Destruct/ CENTRAL 67/ Devilrobots/ DOMA/ Hanakuma Factory/ Jeremyville/ Mad Barbarians/ Moshino/ Power Graphixx/ Polygraph/ Punk Drunkers/ Rollingthunder/ Shinbo Yoshiaki/ Shukuya Fumiko/ Tomoaki Ryuh/ Tomoyuki Washino/ Toshifumi Tanabu/ Tycoon Graphics/ Will Sweeney