Air Jordan 1V (4) - Necklace


Air Jordan 1V (4) - Necklace - 0

So you have been saving been saving up all your pennies to get yourself on of those Gabriel Urist sneaker necklaces, but not matter how many empty can you wrestle from homeless people you just never seem to have enough. Just one more can you tell yourself over and over. No more my friend! The people over at the Jordan Brand corporation have come to your aide.

They have produce two Jordan IV necklaces. They come in two different finishes, black for your "black cats" and white for your "pures". what more can you ask for? What, you want them diamond encrusted? Well you will have to see Gabrial for that. The best thing about these necklaces is that you can easily obtain them from your local Finishline for only $20 each.

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