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Freshness Feature: Sarah of Colette

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Freshness Feature: Sarah of Colette - 0

Portrait by Florence Deygas

Interview by Thomas Bradley
Produced by DAN H.

What factors influenced the conception and execution of the Colette location?

An original space, a great team, fantastic designers, a frustration, a dream the desire to bring together many different brands and objects from around the world all in the one place in Paris!

We use the term location because Colette is significantly more than a clothing boutique. However, if Colette could dictate how it was labeled or categorized what words would it use and why?

I like "location" too! Let's just say we're a meeting place because we like the idea of nurturing
connections between artists, musicians, designers, etc and our visitors / clientele.

Freshness Feature: Sarah of Colette - 1

Photo by Linlee

With such an eclectic list of brands and creators crossing the threshold into Colette's imaginative exhibition space, how does the team decide what products and artists will be shown and sold under the Colette banner?

We just follow our instinct and have lots of "coups de foudre" (love or desire at first sight or upon first impression)

Describe the community of people Colette intends to service.

We don't target any single community: colette is for everyone - any age, any genre, any nationality.

What is Colette's take on the creative community living in Paris in contrast to the rest of the world, i.e. the United States, South America, the U.K., Japan etc.?

colette exists because we love Paris. Back in 97, we were so late in developing compared to other places like NY and Tokyo, for example....Paris is the most beautiful city in the world and we're surrounded by a great community (here, yes, its a community) of creative people all of whom we find very inspiring!

Colette has begun its own discreet, acutely edited line of products. What will we be seeing in the near future from the Colette brand?

We're a lot of things, but we're not a brand. It's true we produce some items like CD's, candles and a perfume but these are really quite simply the result of a connection, a collaboration of talents. What we try to do is introduce new associations for the future.

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