Martin Yat Ming aka Martin Ksohoh - "Toyo Story"


Martin Yat Ming aka Martin Ksohoh - "Toyo Story" - 0

Martin Yat Ming, aka Martin Ksohoh, the creator and designer of RMC Jeans (The Red Monkey Company) has done it again. Martin's newest collection, "Toyo Story" ["??"- Story of the Far East], just dropped at RMC store in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The "Toyo Story" collection is extremely limited as there are only 83 pairs in the world. These jeans combines premium raw salvage Japanese denim with original Japanese woodblock prints impeccably embroidered (80,000 stitches) on traditional 5-pocket jeans.

Martin's design is favoured by hip-hop artist Jay-Z, and NBA stars LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony.