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FLOWBOTS by JK5 @ Kidrobot

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FLOWBOTS by JK5 @ Kidrobot - 0

The good people over at Kidrobot sent over some samples of their new FLOWBOTS by JK5 toys! These are so cute, weird and funny looking, I luv them all! They stand 3" tall and comes in 8 different designs. These will be available for purchase on October 19th and will be sold online or at all Kidrobot stores.

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Peep the samples below and press release after the jump...

FLOWBOTS by JK5 @ Kidrobot - 1

FLOWBOTS by JK5 @ Kidrobot - 2

FLOWBOTS by JK5 @ Kidrobot - 3

FLOWBOTS by JK5 @ Kidrobot - 4

FLOWBOTS by JK5 @ Kidrobot - 5

FLOWBOTS by JK5 @ Kidrobot - 6

FLOWBOTS by JK5 @ Kidrobot - 7

FLOWBOTS by JK5 @ Kidrobot - 8

New York, New York September 14th, 2006 Bugged out, funny, weird and psychedelic, Flowbots are vehicles for deeper communication, and a part of JK5s larger, more complex world of work in a variety of mediums. Flowbots are a series of 3-inch vinyl toys, designed by JK5, that are about nurturing your gifts and your consciousness. Each of the eight Flowbots represents different people, animals and or emotions in JK5s life.

  • Kid Kreactivader Flowvex - The original Flowbot is a half boy, half young dragon. His arms are pencils and crayons, enabling him to draw anything at any moment, and solidifying his destiny as a warrior for peace, truth and endless play. Matt Houston JK5s real life best friend.

  • Wikkie Wikkie Wikkie - The name stems from the 1983 Newkleus track, Jam On It." It's also a play on JK5s love for the word, and species "Wookiee." Wikkie Wikkie Wikkie is all about the love for original hip-hop, and fresh beats. His hands are big buttons, and his brown, furry body is a speaker. A record is always playing on his head, forever ready to rock the house, and bring that beat back man.

  • Sir Oscar Cloud aka Rainflow - Sir Oscar Cloud was the name of JK5s mother's cat that passed on to feline heaven a few years ago.

  • Cutie Cane - Cutie represents JK5s love of cute, tiny, special sweet things, and all things festive and celebratory.

  • Little Chief Big Peace - An urban tribal spirit cousin of Cutie Cane.

  • Pretty Peculiar Peppermint Pony - His head is like sushi, his eyes are the sun, he has peppermint swirl engine markings, and a huge eye for a tail. He also provides land transport for all the Flowbots.

  • J Kalibur - The ghost elf knight of chivalry and design. One arm is a sword, and the other is a pen that says "Mightier".

  • Dogboy Rednekk - He represents ignorance, intolerance, resistance to change and progress. One foot is a shotgun stump; the other is a big, stinking pile of poop. His hat reads "Who Farted? and well. he did. He stinks all the time. He reminds us of what, and how not to be.

Flowbots are designed by JK5 and produced by Kidrobot. Retailing for $6.95, Flowbots will be available on October 19th and will be sold online,, and at all Kidrobot stores.

Joseph Ari Aloi, a.k.a. JK5, lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, where he relentlessly developments his visual, textual, and iconographic languages through a diverse range of media. JK5 is a highly respected custom tattoo artist and has been so for the last 12 years. In 1999 Aloi published a 432 page, hard bound "chronologically becoming" book of his work entitled "Subconsciothesaurusnex." Aloi's work has been featured in publications such as XLR8R, Anthem, BPM, Dazed and Dutch. Aloi has exhibited his work at ALIFE, Deitch Projects, Brooklyn Fire Proof, A Hello Kitty Museum Anniversary show in Tokyo, and a solo show at Kidrobot. Aloi will be working with the remarkable crew at Saved in Brooklyn this spring 2006.