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Sneaker Cut

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Sneaker Cut - 0 Shoe Club, an excluive footwear group, is nearing the 100 member mark for their party that was started earlier in 2006. The Sneaker Cut CEO, who's admitted having a few glitches along the way, is preparing for a celebration of their accomplishment and to give back to the sneaker heads that has supported the club.

Rodrick Rainey, CEO of the footwear club, announced to members of the forum that he would be doing something special for all members upon recieving the 100 membership activation.

"It's been a very short time to make such an accomplishment for I hope to one day have this many members signing up monthly so I can monopolize and help erase the Hype that's causing the sneakers pop, hip hop, and skate board culture is known to love, be exploited by allt hese companies" said the company idealist.'s CEO also revealed that one of Greedy Genius' owners has become aware of the club through Kicks & Chicks, and might do something with the club in the future.

Filling a huge void in the Sneaker Culture market, has stocked some of the most desired sneakers from across the world for its members, in limited numbers. Nike Air Force 1 Invisibles, Nike Dunk SB Hawaiis, and Nike Air Force 1 Watermelon Packs are just a few of the sneakers available on the site currently to mention.

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