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ISB#3 @ Atlantic City, NJ - Exhibitors + Winners Pics

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Photos by Yu-Ming/liquidrice

ISB#3 @ Atlantic City, NJ - Exhibitors + Winners Pics - 0

If you missed the International Sneaker Battle this past weekend at Atlantic City, NJ you can check out the pictures here. There were so many peeps rockin' fakes that night, what are they thinking? First of all they shouldn't even be rockin' FAKES. Second they're at a sneaker event, most of the people there I would assume are sneakerheads and they can differentiate if they real or not, why would they wanna make a fool outta themselves, RIDICULOUS!

> ISB Exhibitors & Winner Pics

Peep the winners after the jump...

The Winners & Their Prizes:

  • Best Overall Collection Quinn Harrington Booth 712 - $600

  • Best Rare Collection Leo Gamboa Booth 500 - $400

  • Best Other Collection Sole Supreme Booth 505 - $400

  • Best Display Nunos Bazels Booth 507 - $400

  • Best Custom Pair Karl Lucero Stuffed Pigeon Feather Pigeon Dunks Booth 711 - $200

  • Best Custom Themed Pair Michael Mccullough Last Supper Air Force 1s Booth 504 - $200

  • Best Air Force or Dunk Pair Christopher Howard Dog Hair Air Force 1s Booth 713 - $200

  • Best Jordan Pair Steven Hilburn Jordan XXI Ray Allen Player Exclusive Booth 607 - $200

  • Best Other Pair Russell Shut Down the Game Grey Sheffield Nike 2k4s Booth 608 - $200