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Jeff Koons x Supreme Decks

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Neo Pop artist and 80's icon Jeff Koons collaborated with the 'World Famous' Supreme for this year Supreme decks. They dropped today in Supreme stores worldwide.

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A little more info on Jeff Koons below...

Jeff Koons creates what's been dubbed Neo Pop artworks and sculpture. The American born artist, and ex Wall Street broker, gained international notoriety in the 1980s by taking popular culture items and turning them into controversial, yet highly valued pieces.

In 1988, Koons cast a life size porcelain sculpture of Michael Jackson reclining with his pet monkey, Bubbles, which sold years later for over 5 million dollars at Sotheby's. Koons' work often employs cartoonish imagery that extends to a larger cultural tradition and art history, and both explores and blurs the distinction between low, commercial aesthetics and high art.

In line with his capacity for creating accessible sculpture, Koons recently collaborated with Supreme to produce a new variety of monkey imagery with surreal backgrounds on a set of skateboard decks. Available September 19th in Supreme stores worldwide.