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Nudie Jeans - The Fine Art of Denim

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Nudie Jeans - The Fine Art of Denim - 0

Raw, selvaged, straight-leg, bootcut, unwashed, whiskers, honey-combs? Can you tell us what these words have in common? Have you ever had to explain to your love ones why you insist on wearing the said jeans everyday? Do you have a million pouches and "gadget bags" with a key ring hanging off your belt, only to avoid putting anything in your pockets? If you answered "yes" to the above questions, then we might have the answer.

Nudie Jeans recently uploaded a short clip to their website. The clip is the beginning to end process of the creation of denim, of which you sit on without much thought. A very interesting and a must for anyone who wants to know the difference between dry, selvaged, or unwashed. Enjoy!

> Nudie Jeans: The Art of Denim