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Tinker Hatfield - Respect the Architects

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When architects Richard Rogers, Renzo Piano, and the firm Ove Arup created Centre Georges Pompidou in the Beaubourg region of Paris, the ultra modernistic building stirred up much controversies that lasted even till today, some 30 years after it opened. With all its inner workings (pipes, air ducts, wirings...) set on the exterior of the structure, Centre Georges Pompidou was an antithesis against the classical structures which surrounds it.

However, it was its unique design that inspired Tinker Hatfield, originally hired as in-house architect, now Nike's Vice President of Innovation Design, to create the very first Air Max. See how he tells the story in this 8-minute short film titled "Respect the Architects" by Thibaut de Longeville, currently on La MJC.

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