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WeeklyDrop - Episode 21 - Mister Cartoon

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If you haven't peeped this week's WeeklyDrop, you should...its on Mister Cartoon!

We hope you're sitting down, cuz the WD comes correct with ink slingin', shit talkin', science droppin' king of Skid Row. Mister Cartoon welcomes us into his studio, which may be the only place on earth Fiddy has cried in public! Pay attention while Big Toon$ explains the where and the why's of tattoo history, speaks on his new movie INK, and touches on Hep C in jail. We're not sure we'll be able to top this one.! And if anyone has a pair of fake Cartoon's "Red Clown Toe" AF1's, send them to Mister Cartoon. He wants a pair! First of two part show.

> Download WeeklyDrop EP21 - Mister Cartoon Part 1

> Download WeeklyDrop EP21 - Mister Cartoon Part 2