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A new toy...

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Ok I don't usually post this kinda thing but seeing that I was heavily influenced by Jeff [Staple] on this purchase, I thought I'd share. The Blackberry Pearl is actually the second phone Jeff has influenced me to get. The first was the Sidekick II, which I convinced myself was a phone too young for my taste but seeing Jeff using one I ended up with one. I moved to the TMobile MDA after some frustration with the limited SKII about 8 months back. The MDA I would have to say is more frustrating than the SKII. After a few hours with the Blackberry Pearl, I'd have to say I totally miss the qwerty keyboard but I do not miss holding a brick. Than again I can no long beat someone with my brick. I do love how seamless the Blackberry operating system is. RIM if you are reading this, send Jeff some more free stuff and please send me some test products as well so I can write a few nice reviews for you.

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