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New Balance 575 x Solebox Auction

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New Balance 575 x Solebox Auction - 0

Solebox colaboration with New Balance The Purple Devil has been one of the biggest shoe releases this year. A hugely popular shoe that due to its popularity has had recent releases, still in very small quantities at a number of high profile stores outside of Solebox, such as Foot-Patrol and We Sold Out.

In the process of designing the Purple Devil, this shoe was developed, never to be released. This is a one of one New Balance with Solebox, here at Slam X were giving you the chance to get your hands on them and be the only person in the world with this ultra exclusive shoe. More exclusive than a PE Sample or any Hyperstrike.

Simply email your offer here, along with your name and location and we will email the winner with the highest offer in 3 days. All those who have sent in offers after 2 days will recieve an email to advice them of the highest offer at that stage so if they wish to increase their offer they have 24 hours to do so.

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