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PUMA Guillermo Vilas

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PUMA Guillermo Vilas - 0

A rebirth from the PUMA archives, the GV Special LIST edition is an authentic colorway re-introduction of one of PUMAs most iconic styles, the GV. Updates include a sockliner graphic outlining GVs career accomplishments and the 1977 in the FOT pays homage to this remarkable year in tennis history and to our long haired tennis playboy. This creamy white leather shoe is accented with a perforated suede toe and suede formstripe. Inbox materials include a white toweling headband with navy PUMA logo and a fact sheet on Guillermo Vilas in the style of a top trumps playing card.

18 selected accounts have been chosen to join us in this exclusive Ignite launch in October of this year quantities will be limited to 216 pairs only.

Release is October 21stat solebox..they got 12 pairs, as always first come first served.

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PUMA Guillermo Vilas - 1

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PUMA Guillermo Vilas - 3

PUMA Guillermo Vilas - 4

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