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Nike Launches 10//2 Pack for NYC Marathon

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Nike Launches 10//2 Pack for NYC Marathon - 0


Lance's limited edition Air Zoom Moire+ hits the ground running
Greatness is infectious. It inspires us to continually push the boundaries of possibility. And no athlete is greater or more inspirational than Lance Armstrong. Always searching for the next challenge, Lance has set his sights on running the NYC Marathon his first ever.

In celebration of his effort, Nike has been inspired to redesign the Air Zoom Moire+. The first shoe to add rhythm to running, the Air Zoom Moire+ was also the first shoe on Lance's feet as he began training. Running with the Nike+ system lets Lance synch the Air Zoom Moire+ to his iPod Nano, giving him the ability to track integral feedback such as mileage, pace and calories burnt. On top of that the Nike+ system also adds musical motivation, allowing Lance to rock his runs.

Now the shoe that helped revolutionize running will receive a makeover to commemorate the next chapter in Lance's legendary life.

Look for the 10//2 pack exclusively at NIKEiD Studio and Niketown starting November 4, 2006.

NIKEiD Design Studio
255 Elizabeth St
New York, NY 10012

6 East 57th Street
New York, NY 10022 TEL #: 212.891.6453

> Nike

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The 10//2 Air Zoom Moire+ pack
The 10//2 pack is created for and inspired by Lance's Army. Dedicated to providing light, love and hope, Lance's Army is composed of people who follow and support his fight against cancer. One supporter is Nike footwear designer, Mark Smith. Smith, who was the original designer of the Air Zoom Moire+, was honored to work with Lance on personalizing the shoe to reflect Lance's Army, as well as Lance's NYC Marathon experience. Before he began working, Smith highlighted a few of the shoe's essential elements that would remain the same: A Zoom Air unit in the heel for responsive cushioning; a lightweight and flexible construction, which provides a super comfortable ride and a Nike+ Pocket in the midsole of the left shoe to securely house the sensor.

With these key features in place, Smith then created a manhole graphic that symbolizes the indelible spirit of both Lance and New York. The manhole cover is broken into sections by six spokes, which mirror the spokes of a bicycle. In each section, graphics  such as a marathon icon, a cancer sign, a lightning bolt, a skull and numerous others  are piled atop each other in tribute to Lance and his army. Around the outside of the manhole cover runs the epigraph twenty six point two miles thru five boroughs in the cold wet weather of New York City on Sunday November fifth two thousand and six USA.

Lance's strength resides on the inside, what he's truly made of. In a similar fashion, Smith chose to incorporate the symbols from the manhole on the inside of the Air Zoom Moire+. Using sublimated graphics, the story of Lance's life plays out where it's needed most internally. Externally, the shoe features the same great outsole and upper as the original, with the addition of a premium leather heel and a splatter-painted midsole. The 10//2 Air Zoom Moire+ will come in three unique colorways: Yellow, green and lava. Different icons from the manhole cover adorn the tongue of each colorway, as well as other items available in the pack, such as iPods, stickers, patches, T-shirts and a handcrafted wooden carrying box. And the shoe is Nike+ capable, allowing you to track all your runs, while providing your favorite soundtrack.

A runner with a cause
Proceeds from the sale of each 10//2 pack will go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation to help provide every individual affected by cancer the opportunity to Livestrong.