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Samurai Magazine x mita sneakers - NB H710

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Samurai Magazine x mita sneakers - NB H710 - 0

For those who keep up with trends and happenings on the street of Tokyo, Samurai Magazine is a tool you cannot do without. In celebration of its 7th year in publication, Samurai teamed up with mita Sneakers and created these colorful New Balance H710 - boots created by American mountaineer back in 1982 with comfort in mind.

Aside from the unique colorway, the H710 come in 2 styles: premium leather and suede. Another detail is the rainbow colored, stitch-on New Balance logo on the heel guard, where each 7 colors of the rainbow represent the 7 years of Samurai Magazine. Due to be release on December 9th, the sneaker is available for pre-order now. Unfortunately, it is a Japan-only release.

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