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WESC Fall/Winter 2006 - Streethorsing Collection

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WESC Fall/Winter 2006 - Streethorsing Collection - 0

Check out the Mens WESC’s Fall/Winter 2006 Streethorsing Collection, this collection is very limited. These items will be available for the US in NYC and LA. There will be 20 pairs of denim in each style and 20 tees per style/color. They also collaborated with Artists like, Jens Anderson, Clint Peterson, Mander, Pelle Jansson, Chris Pastras, Sage Vaughn, Delta, Fred Babel, Mander, Alex Prager and Mercedes Helnwein.

Also, check out the Women's collection here.

> Freshness Gallery: WESC F/W '06 - Streethorsing Collection