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For The Homies

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For The Homies is an Australian streetwear brand hailing from Melbourne and have been under the radar for many years. They produce everything from accessories to t-shirts, belts to leather track suits. Sold exclusively at selected stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Tokyo as well as online store Yes Diggidy. The "Get Money" and "Thug Tee" just dropped and will be available in variety of colors with many surprises. Make sure to keep your eyes open in the future for upcoming releases that will snap necks.

> Yes Diggity

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I had the chance to speak with Pete from For The Homies and this is how he described his brand.

"The bandwagon's packed full a pimps n pirates all set to sail on an ironic journey through the backblocks of the fashion elite, drop in on hip hop royalty, catch a glimpse a the rich n famous n downtrodden cartoon heroes of yesteryear, all wit a free 40' or a plastic cup a Henny! Book ya tickets n' get yourself to the front of the line bitches, Donatella Versace did it! Oh yeah, n' they got some clothes too.

For The Homies, best thing since stuffed parrots and make-up remover, yo! proteck ya goddamn neck! Oh yeah Kanye wears it. Over and out"

For The Homies - "Get Money" T-Shirt

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