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Caol Uno (宇野薰) x Nike "10AC" MMA Training Wear

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Caol Uno (宇野薰) x Nike  "10AC" MMA Training Wear - 0

Even before the creation of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), the Japanese MMA (Mixed Martial Art) circuits have evolved and recognized as true sports, competed by fighters with pride, respect, and sportsmanship. Corporations have begun to understand this as well, with Reebok's recent endorsement of Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto. We have also heard there is also a global movement to bring back PANKRATION as an official Olympic sport, under the supervision of an international wrestling organization, a very interesting development...

> Nike Japan (Japanese Only)
> UNO CAOL SHOWTEN (Japanese Only)
> HERO'S (Japanese Only)

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As we have previously introduced Caol Uno (宇野薰) on Freshness as the owner/director of Japanese streetwear brands, UNO CAOL SHOWTEN and Sulio, his collaboration with Stussy for his brands 5th anniversary and as blogger. Many have spotted recently that Caol has been wearing a set of unfamiliar Nike training wear & shoes since the last few HERO'S MMA events.
Now it is official. Under the direction of Caol Uno (宇野薰), "10AC" is a new training apparel produced by Nike to support Caol's MMA training needs, with a hint of his fashion views. The name 10AC comes from his name Caol reading it backwards. Caol stated the "As my competing sports is also called "No Holds Barred", 10AC will even give you a choice to wear them in daily and not just a training wear cause anything goes in fashion too..." The collection will be release in February, in Japan only.

Caol Uno (宇野薰) x Nike  "10AC" MMA Training Wear - 1

Caol Uno (宇野薰) x Nike  "10AC" MMA Training Wear - 2