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PUMA Mongolian BBQ - Chicago - Dane Mentzer

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Freshness Feature: PUMA Mongolian Shoe BBQ - 3

PUMA - Chicago
1051 North Rush Street | Map
Chicago, IL 60611
TEL #: 312-751-8574

Greedy Genius x Famous Stars + Straps - L.A. Takeover - 0

> PUMA Mongolian Shoe BBQ

We invited Dane Mentzer [Great Dane Clothing] to help us create the the Chicago Version of the Freshness RS100 at Chicago's PUMA Mongolian BBQ.

Heres some more from Dane

Rush Street - Thats what they call the PUMA extravaganza in downtown Chicago. On the corner of Rush and Cedar, this two story silver building is a shimmering beacon of hope on the slippery slope of hot fashion. From the window displays of rad mannequins rockin EVISU x PUMA collabs to the Ferrari jackets, this place in on par.

PUMA Mongolian BBQ - Chicago - Dane Mentzer - 2

So, I walk into this store thinking I was going to be another nerd designing another pair of creativity-limiting kicks. Never have I been more wrong. First thing through the door I see some of the hottest clothing Ive seen since my 05 trip to Japan. Seriously, it is refreshing seeing influences other than rap and skateboarding. PUMA has taken race cars and European style to a new level. For once, in American street culture slim, form-fitting clothing is stylish.

PUMA Mongolian BBQ - Chicago - Dane Mentzer - 3

As soon as I picked up my jaw from the floor, a rather stylish Curtis approaches to show me and my wife around the store. He first points out the womens fashion downstairs and then alludes to the dudes section upstairs. Of course, before I can look at where my next $3,000 will go, I have to let my bride peruse the chicks corner. Let me tell you, I would not be ashamed to let my woman walk with me wearing these threads. Everything from a new twist on old jackets to steaming hot handbagsI was impressed.

PUMA Mongolian BBQ - Chicago - Dane Mentzer - 4

Upstairs was no disappointment. I have honestly never seen so many different styles of PUMA. I thought there were only 3 or 4 different styles. I told Curtis I may have to divide my SB Dunk fund into a PUMA/SB fund. The thing that threw me over the top was the little kid shoes. Now, I have seen baby Nikes before, but nothing has ever been this cute. Ok, enough of that.

PUMA Mongolian BBQ - Chicago - Dane Mentzer - 5

Down the stairs to the back, Curtis shows me the marvel that is The Mongolian Barbecue! I had such an awesome time on such a sweet custom sneak setup. There were so many options and the technology was smooth and flawless. You could either use the touchscreen to select pieces at a time or physically pick out the pieces and scan them. This reminded me of Jr. High waiting for mashed potatoes from an ice-cream scooperthats another story.

PUMA Mongolian BBQ - Chicago - Dane Mentzer - 6

The bottom line is PUMA has snuck up behind me. Not only do they use fire colors and great materials, they flip the game on its head entirely with risky designs and flavorful collaborations. The Mongolian BBQ was totally awesome, too. Im sure they could have gone with a dull version of the custom sneaker, but they took it to the limit. Get to Chicago, get to Rush, get to PUMA. Nuff said.

PUMA Mongolian BBQ - Chicago - Dane Mentzer - 7

PUMA Mongolian BBQ - Chicago - Dane Mentzer - 8

-Great DaneFreshness PUMA Mongolian BBQ Shoe Giveaway

Vote for your favorite Freshness PUMA Mongolian BBQ shoe and get chance to receive a pair of your own.
- 1 vote per person, additional votes will disqualify you.

- Voting starts January 4th and ends January 14th at 11:59 pm.

- Winner will receive a pair of the winning Freshness PUMA Mongolian BBQ shoe or a Gift Card to design your own.