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Colette x LACOSTE x Caperino + Peperone

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In celebration of Colette's 10th Year Anniversary in March, LACOSTE collaborated with the canine duo, Caperino & Peperone. French graphic designers Kuntzel+Deygas have teamed up with LACOSTE to create a collection of 14 different polo shirts and shoes, all embroidered with Colette's canine mascot's Caperino & Peperone alongside LACOSTE's signature mascot crocodile. They'll release a new polo a day for 14 days, they will be sold at Colette and on its online store starting March 1st.

Each polo sports a special Caperino & Peperone tag sewn in the collar, and comes in an exclusive plastic pipe packaging. For the Observe sneakers, there are two pairs of Cap & Pep designs on white leather and mesh hi-tops with the dogs chasing the crocodile on one foot and being chased on the other foot. The inside lining as well as the laces are specially printed with a message: Caperino & Peperone Love LACOSTE. The polos will retail for EU140 (or $181 U.S. dollars) and the sneakers for 120 euros for men, 100 euros for women (or $155 or $130, respectively). They will be sold at Colette and on the website from March 1. In addition, Isetan Shinjuku in Tokyo will feature an exhibition of Caperino & Peperone called "A Round World" from April 11th to 24th, and the polos and sneakers will also be sold at the Tagline shop inside that store. via: fwd

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