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Nike Air Force 1 - Turtle Edition 3

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Several months back, Entourage did an episode on sneakers. Turtle was hunting down a pair of limited edition shoes in Los Angeles, the episode was complete with line-ups and of course took place at Undefeated. In the end, Vince found the designer of the shoes and paid handsomely for a pair of 1of1 "Fukijama" Air Force 1 to give to Turtle. The events was fake but the shoes were real. There is still only 1 pair of the 1of1 "Fukijama" or Turtle Air Force 1s with laser etching and gold foil. Several pairs of a less limited version were also made for the crew.

We do not know where this pair came from but is very similar to the 1of1 Turtle AF1s. The only slight difference is that the etching in the gold area is slightly lighter than the original. The leather is slightly different and the lining is blue instead of black.

Original Freshness Feature:
Nike x Entourage x Undefeated Air force 1 - Edition 1 & 2

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