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Freshness Feature: Heyday Footwear

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Heyday Footwear combines the authentic look and construction of wedge soled work boots with athletic influences, leather linings, triple stitching, and Heyday's unique setback raw leather edges. The raw leather edges will add character through normal wear making your pair even more individual. Darin Hager, the Chief Heymaker of Heyday Footwear, has been designing shoes for 10 years.

Working for such diverse brands as PUMA, Sperry Top-Sider, and DKNY Active as well as running his very successful footwear design consulting firm, Hager Design. It was just a matter of time before he put all of his connections together to create his own line. Honestly it's a breath of fresh air to see something original and not just an Air Force One sillouette. The target consumers are guys creative guys into the sneaker scene but who desire more original product than is currently seen at most retail stores. The final sales samples have arrived just in time for the POOL trade show where Darin will be debuting the line.

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Why leave the comfort of a 9-5 at PUMA to try and break into a cut throat
industry with your own brand?


I think it's a dream for most designers to have their own brand, but it's so hard to actually do
that most never will. I actually decided to make the jump because of the "Chronicle" interview we did last summer here on ABC's Boston station. At the end of the segment the host said that Darin Hager is launching his own line next year....I had mentioned that I WANTED to do that in passing to the producer who interviewed. After they "outed me" on TV, I got a ton of people asking me when I was doing this...and all the pieces fell into place.

Darin, what are your influences in some of these color schemes? Personally
I love the Brown and orange and the green and white.

For the first season I wanted to do some relatively classic colorways to introduce the brand since the designs themselves are such a departure from what is normally seen. White/green is the ultimate classic tennis colorway, Brown/Flame Orange ties back into the original inspiration for the line, work boots. I have a pair of NB 1500 LE's in black and Lime that I loved so I wanted to do that colorway. I'm into military color schemes so doing the Olive colorways fit into that...

If a "cross trainer" is a mash up of sports in one sneaker, what title would
you label your footwear?


I don't if you can really label Heyday as a type of shoe...There's the workboot style outsole but it's clearly not a workboot, and there's 2 styles which were lightly influenced by Dunks with the tip overlay but i'm not doing any type of BAPE or Greedy Geniu$ style design knockoff (No disrespect to them, but they are clearly HEAVILY influenced by Nike) Heyday is going to appeal to bunch of different types of's a hybrid.

How important are blogs and the internet to launching a brand nowadays?

They are so important to launching a brand, that I don't think you can do it without them. Heyday's sales strategy is hitting 30 accounts worldwide for the first few seasons...keep it tight. The blogs spread the hype about a brand in a completely viral, organic way. If it's hot, people are going to comment on it and the love spreads from there.

I think I heard a celebrity might be interested in rocking HeyDay, can you
speak on that?


We are talking with some celebs but I can't comment on it til the deals are done...but things are looking good on that front.

I see you're into watches, any HeyDayXPaneri collabos in the future?!

If Panerai comes to me, we see what happens!


When was your HeyDay?!

My Heyday is right now, I'm hustling like a mofo, my wife rocks my world and I do what I love...When will yours be?


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