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RocaWear redesigns Coke Cherry, Artists reinterprets

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Dave White

Photography: Andrew Bicknell

Coca Cola invited the design team from Jay-Z's Roca Wear to redesign the Coca Cola Cherry and Coca Cola Cherry Zero cans. Five artists were also asked to reinterpret the cans in their respective art forms. They include sculptor Charlie Becker, painter Dave White, animation crew Kid America Club, illustrator Nigel "electric heat" Dennis, and photographer Shareif Ziyadat. Each turned out amazing pieces and were shown for the first time at the RocaWear x Coca Cola Cherry launch event. Lots of celebrities were in attendance, Jay Z was of course there chilling withFabolous and later in the night Diddy also joined Jay. Wyclef, Cuba Gooding Jr, Cassie, Nick Cannon and many others were also at the event.

Peep the photos below for all photos...

Charlie Becker's Cherry
Peep the making of...

Nigel "electric heat" Dennis

Shareif Ziyadat

Kid America Club

Photography: Johnny Nunez/Nubuzz Photo