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Nike 10AC - Court Force Lo + Free 5.0 Detailed Photos

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10AC is Nike Japan's training apparel line, dedicated to support MMA fighter Caol Uno ()'s training. Upon production, these sneakers were designed and directed with Caol's own perspectives in mind. The series used his favorite color - white - also the signature color of 10AC line.

You may wonder how these sneakers help support him? So we asked...

"Caol was so busy lately attending press conferences for Japanese MMA event Hero's & Cage Force. Honestly, he doesn't dress-up very often, wearing blazers and all... He felt the needs for the right sneakers..."

Caol has been a huge fan of Nike since he owned his first pair of Nike Air Jordan 6. Ever since, he considered Nike sneakers to be an essential part of his lifestyle and fashion sense.

Both 10AC sneakers featured patent leather uppers. A woven detailing for Court Force Lo and 5 white stars imprints for Free 5.0. (The 5 star represents his family, friends, fans, ancestors, and father. The use of White Stars = Shiro Boshi, a Japanese term used that corresponds to a "win" in the sports industry) Check out the detailed photos in Freshness Gallery, brought to you by UCS and AKI.

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