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SAVAGE! 10th Anv. - Staple Design/F.C.R.B. Colabs

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DJ Muro, aka "King of Diggin'", continues to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his apparel brand - Savage!. Previously, we introduced 2 collaborations with The North Face and Prohibit x Mos Def. Now, we have 2 new collaborations: Savage! x Staple Design and Savage! x F.C.R.B. Photos by AKI.

> - SAVAGE! (Japanese Only)
> Staple Design
> F.C.R.B.

> Freshness Gallery: SAVAGE! 10th Anv. - Staple Design/F.C.R.B. Colabs

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First off is the collaboration with our friend Jeff Staple's Staple Design. Alpha Industries' M-65 jacket was selected. Known as being the official supplier of U.S. Armed Forces since 1959. Items from Alpha Industries have been worn among military personals, fashion followers, and military collectors through out the world. This collaboration jacket will feature a customized vintage look with special "STAPLE" & "KDP" (King of Diggin' Production) patches attached in many areas the jacket, both on the exterior and interior. It will be released soon at SAVAGE!, Reed Space Tokyo, and Reed Space New York.

The next colab is with Hirofumi Kiyonaga's SOPHNET. sister label, F.C.R.B. (F.C. Real Bristol). Started during Spring/Summer 1998 collection, Hirofumi Kiyonaga created the fictitious soccer team apparel, inspired by his love of soccer. The team visually exists only in Japanese manga, using Yoichi Takahashi's famed soccer manga characters in "Captain Tsubasa" as the key element. The collab is the multi-color R.T.W. button-down oxford cleric dress shirt, with each brand's logos embroidered on the shirt's front. The will be release at SAVAGE! and SOPHNET. in Japan only.

If you want to know more about DJ Muro , check out the link below for more information.

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