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Nike Foamposite 1 @ Livestock

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When the original Nike Foamposite 1 made its debut on the feet of Orlando Magic‘s then point-guard, Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway, during the 1997 NBA season, it caused a sensation. With its streamlined, space-age design, it looked more like an alien battle cruiser in a sci-fi film than a basketball sneaker. With every high schooler in the US wanting it, the demand hit Nike‘s expectation and beyond, even with a $180 price tag, the most expensive sneaker at the time.

If you missed your chance to get them 10 years ago, you will get a second chance this Saturday, February 24th, as Livestock drops a very limited quantity of this legendary sneaker.


239 Abbott Street (Gastown) | Map

Vancouver, BC Canada

TEL #: 604-685-1433

Release Date: February 24th (Saturday)

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