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Freshness Feature: Black Chamber - Singapore

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Freshness Feature: Black Chamber - Singapore - 1

Interview by Tom Bradley
Photos by Black Chamber
Produced by Liquidrice

The Black Chamber store opened mid-April 2007 with their own line of clothing. The store also carries ALIFE, Acapulco Gold, Diamond, HUF, New Era, Rouge Status, 10 Deep and UXA. The nearly all black store is inspired by sports, sneakers and music. Black Chamber deals in sneakers, skate products and street wear.

Black Chamber
14 Scotts Road | Map
Far East Plaza #03-133
Singapore 228213
TEL #: +65-6333-8308

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Store Hours: Monday - Sunday | 12:30 pm - 9:30 pm

> Black Chamber

Read the interview and check out the photos below

Black Chamber is an ominous moniker for a streetwear boutique, is there something you are trying to convey about the business you are in?

No doubt, we are trying to take a step up and push it to another level amongst the rest of the industry.

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What is the Singapore consumer like in comparison to the New York, L.A. shopper and what brands are particularly big draws for your clientele?

To be really honest, Singapore is lacking years of street culture compared to NY or LA. We over here are not rich in arts, music that's from the streets. But we are really growing gradually and really feeling the whole vibe in terms of the kicks and the gears. 10.DEEP, HUF and ALIFE are getting a lot of attention throughout the years but not available in the region until now that Black Chamber has rooted.

And the ladies are really digging the styles from 10.DEEP as well as Acapulco Gold. The Black Chamber line debut has been a great kickoff since we opened. The fans showed us love.

Freshness Feature: Black Chamber - Singapore - 5

The space is interesting and we want to know what went into its design from the original conception to the final tile and light fixture?

I wanted a sleek and well presented environment for the store, I had a discussion with the whole crew and we relayed what we wanted to the interior designer/contractor. The main features are the chamber door which doubles up. As a fitting room, it lets the customer feel like entering a real chamber space. All by itself with surrealism while putting on the clothes.

Black glossy tiles with mirror finish metallic shelves/platform created different views and angles for the products displayed to top it up with a classy feel.

A member of black chamber suggested a skyline tiles setup from the floor up to the shelves/platform which looked dope especially with our signaler logo suspended right on top of the ceiling. "TOP OF THE WORLD" as we called it among ourselves. With white lighting to finish it off, the whole space and concept came up exactly like what we wanted.

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What avenues does Black Chamber hope to open up for the market both in Singapore and internationally?

Black Chamber is inspired by sports, kicks and music. We hope to influence the local scene with what we put out and convey to them its more than just the gear that they are wearing. In time to come, we will build up a culture with our own vibes.

We also want to grow slowly with our in house brand Black chamber, with no compromise to design and quality before we make it available internationally. Starting with t-shirts and caps, we want to grow it to a full line with top to bottoms and lifestyle accessories.

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Elaborate on your mantra, "Intercept and Decipher"?

Intercept and Decipher. To understand/gather what is lacking, what is being misled from the crowd/masses and relay/convert the real messages behind it. "Knowledge is Power"

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The radio signalman icon that embodies the Black Chamber spirit evokes militarism yet communication and progress as well. The radio man playing an integral role in the success of a unit in the field. What is the correlation between this purpose and that of Black Chamber?

The radio signalman ties all up with our mantra " Intercept and Decipher"

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What new brands might Black Chamber shoppers see within the coming months?

Benny Gold, a sister line of HUF, will be debuting their spring collection in Black Chamber as well as Dave's Quality Meat from NY. As well as great tunes from Stones Throw.

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Are there any projects waiting in the wings for the shop/brand?

We have a few ideas on the early stage. But nothing is certain now. We will keep it a secret for now.

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What will be the indelible mark left on the market by The Black Chamber crew?

To lead a style of your very own.

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