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Interview with Garret Louie and Garry Bone

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Interview by Chris Tsang aka Jooksings C

Photos by Sheldon Sam (Mindzai Productions)

Toronto has been injected with true dope fashion with today's Grand Opening of Livestock. The store is an iconic move by Livestock as it ships its fresh flavour from Vancity. I recently had the pleasure of having a short interview with the Owners of Livestock, Garret Louie and Garry Bone.

Hey Guys, thanks for taking the time to have this short interview with me. I know you guys are busy.

Garret: It's not a problem Chris. Livestock is our passion and we'll definitely make time for you.

So, I'm glad to see that you are finally making the track out East. Why Toronto?

Garry: It was the only logical choice. In Canada, there's really only two cities that make impact statements.

Garret: We looked at other cities too, but we are perfectionists and we wanted to focus on the larger Toronto market first.

Garry: We've always wanted to move to Toronto. It was just a matter of time. Toronto's urban culture is huge and we want to be a part of it.

Tell us about the Livestock brand.

Garret and Garry: We aren't about competing locally. Livestock has a huge internet presence and we have a great reputation. We like to think that we are on a global level and i think that's where we stand out. It's not just about making one city's store look great but rather making sure that each and every store carries out the Livestock brand of quality.

Actually, yes.. i was going to mention that. I think one of the reason's I love it so much is because of the actual time put into it. I can tell that there's always a sense of quality put into it. Whether it's an event flyer or instore promos. You've done a great job on that.

Garret: Thanks Chris. Again, it's all about quality.

I'm glad you guys are here. No more reading about the store online. So, what makes this Livestock location different?

Garry: The mistakes that we learned from our first location aren't going to happen here. We definitely learned a lot from our first location. The Location is bigger. We are able to hold events in our new location. We have the right people. It's going to be a better experience.

The right people?

Garret: we wanted our store to be run by someone familiar with the industry so we are working with SKAM. Skam has been in the industry forever and he's a graphic legend in our eyes so we are definitely happy with our direction.

What can we expect to see? What brand are going to be available.

Garry: We carry the same brands as we do in Vancouver. But there's one thing i want to mention. Livestock isn't necessarily about brands. We love the brands but we believe that it's about the style. That's the difference with our shop. We have a wide variety.

So, does that mean that if you see some independent with some great style that you'll start intaking their inventory?

Garry: As long as it has style...I'm willing to take a chance. I don't wanna say no to style.

What special or secret goodies can we all expect?

Garret: We can't say yet. Come check out the store and you'll find out!

Thanks Guys, It was great chatting with the both of you. I'll catch you at the PreLaunch Party.

Garret and Garry: No problem. Very cool of you to write about us. We'll see you soon.