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Plus Plush - Bodhi Gallery and Vinyl Abuse

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Bodhi Gallery and Vinyl Abuse have enlisted 14 artists, illustrators and design talents to customise a specially commissioned plush toy. Created by Muju ( the Bodhi plush toy is unique to the gallery. 14 artists from around the UK have received a toy to paint on, draw on, sew on, slice into, stitch up or do whatever it takes to express their style on to the 3-Dimensional canvas.

The line up:
Muju, Peskimo, Hicalorie, Julie West, Jawa, Triclops, Squink!, Tortoy, Hide, Sichi, Sneakyraccoon, Mr Pinks, Potatomo, What What.

Event Location:
Bodhi Gallery / Cafe / Manga
214 Brick Lane | Map
London E1 6SA UK

Greedy Genius x Famous Stars + Straps - L.A. Takeover - 0

Event Date: June 4th (Monday) - June 10th (Sunday)

Click below for more info and a photos...

The toy is made of 10oz artist canvas and will be displayed alongside a piece of the artists' 2D work (canvas, print, drawing).

On Monday 4th June at 6:30PM - 10PM, a launch party will be held in celebration of delivering art toys to a wider audience. By showing the artists' 2D and 3D canvases Bodhi sets out to display how artists deliver quality execution across any media they use. It is also an introduction to the public of the sub-culture phenomenon that is the art toy.

The public will also be invited to become artists. The real-world flyer will double up as a template of the Bodhi toy to be coloured in, painted, scribbled, doodled upon and displayed on the "audience wall". A gallery favourite will be selected with prizes for the winner!

Plus Plush is curated by Vinyl Abuse