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CIRCA Vintage Pop-Up Shop - June 2nd

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Just a reminder, this is tomorrow.

Hoboken and Haberdashery & Hunted Inc. Present: CIRCA Vintage Pop-Up Shop

Every season CIRCA emerges in a new space and presents fresh vintage merchandise from the shop's massive collection, the USA premiere is set to kick-off in NYC. The pop-up shop is set to unveil on Saturday, June 2nd at Gabriel Urist's Worlds Fair from 12 pm - 8 pm. Jesse Heifetz co-creator of CIRCA's said, "First rate vintage one-of-a-kinds from the 70's-90's will be offered for the seasoned collectors. Our customers enjoy and share our love for amazing constructed and affordable timeless vintage pieces."

To highlight a few vintage faves, be sure to check for: "original Benetton apparel; luxe Christian Dior tops; Nike memorabilia; Yves Saint Laurent; Gucci collection (1960's -1989); Michael Cromer Munchen (MCM); Coco CHANEL accessories; TROOP apparel; Ralph Lauren (early 1900's) and many other design notables. If you're a vintage lover, this is an event you won't want to miss, I'm def going to be at this one...

Greedy Genius x Famous Stars + Straps - L.A. Takeover - 0

Gabriel Urist's Worlds Fair
204 Elizabeth Street | Map
New York, NY 10012
TEL #: 212-219-9580
E-Mail: |

Event Date: June 2nd (Saturday) | Noon - 8 pm