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Casio G-Shock 25th - 5th IWDC Edition

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As part of its G-Shock 25th Anniversary celebration. Casio is re-releasing some of its most popular and unique editions. The International Whale & Dolphin Conference (IWDC) Edition commemorate the 5th conference of its kind, which took place in 1996 at Belgium.

Casio, along with Japan's International Cetacean Education Research Centre (ICERC), designed the special model based on the DW-6900 model, with added whale wallpaper on it LCD screen. The model also featured a semi-transparent rubberized exterior with ICERC's motto etched on the band. A commemorative engraving of ICERC's logo and of the 1996 conference can be found on the watch's back. Like all other 25th Anniversary edition, the watch comes in a carbon fiber-like case with the 25th Anniversary crest, designed by graffiti artist Haze.

The watch is currently available in all G-Shock specialty stores across Japan, including FIEIL of ZOZOTOWN .

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