New Balance - M574 M - American Football/Flag Series



To promote the sport of American-style football, the NFL along with its international counterpart, International Federation of American Football (IFAF) created the first ever IFAF World Championship, commonly called American Football World Cup, in 1999. In arrangement similar to the phenomenally popular World Cup soccer, this once in 4 years event have drawn more 20 national teams around the globe. This July, the 3RD IFAF World Championship will take place in the City of Kawasaki, Japan. 6 national teams have made it to the final: Germany, France, Sweden, USA, Korea, and Japan.

To commemorate the event, New Balance created the American Football Series, also known as "Flag" Series. Featuring the colorways and identities of the 6 nations that are in the Championship, on the classic New Balance M574. FLAUGE of ZOZOTOWN just received 2 edition of the series: Japan and Sweden. The Sweden edition is composed of a combination of patent leather and suede. Each portion is adorned with the color golden yellow or aqua blue, the colors of the Swedish flag. Little crosses, passed down from Swedish mythology, dotted the tongue and collar portion of the sneaker. The other is the Japan edition. Comprised of mostly white patent leather and suede, with red polka-dots on the collar - a representation of the Raising Sun. Pink Sakura, or cherry blossoms, a flower Japanese long identified with, are embroidered onto the tongue of the sneaker.

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> 3RD IFAF World Championship 2007


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New Balance - M574 M - American Football Series


New Balance - M574 M - American Football Series - Sweden


New Balance - M574 M - American Football Series - Japan


New Balance - M574 M - American Football Series - Japan


New Balance - M574 M - American Football Series - Japan