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Wealthy Ho$tage Boutique - Flatbush, Brooklyn


Wealthy Ho$tage Boutique - Flatbush, Brooklyn - 0

Since Wealthy Ho$tage opened its doors in December of 2006, to an almost non-existant premium streetwear and sneaker collector market at Church Avenue - Flatbush section of Brooklyn which has usually been known for it's large selection of urban and hip hop goods but not usually streetwear that is superb in both quality and design the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, NY has never been the same...As progressive streetwear shifts positions from a underground subculture to a larger (and undeniably more mainstream) audience, Wealthy Ho$tage has been here in Flatbush to firstly bring what's hot in the market place today and to secondly provide the latest and greatest streetwear and premium footwear.

Product selection is a key matter of interest for Wealthy Ho$tage. Whether it's an underground cult label from Europe/Japan, some Tier 0 Nike's, or a well-known streetwear label from NYC, Wealthy Ho$tage ensures their client le is continually updated on and provided with the most carefully hand-selected looks. Be sure to check out the shop!

Wealthy Ho$tage
1924 Church Avenue | Map
Brooklyn, NY 11226
TEL#: 718-856-3043

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Wealthy Ho$tage Boutique - Flatbush, Brooklyn - 2

Wealthy Ho$tage Boutique - Flatbush, Brooklyn - 3