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Overkill - Nike Trainer Dunk Lo Hybrid

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The new Trainer Dunk Low by Nike is a hybrid of sorts - merging elements found on lower portion, particularly the sole and the Velcro fastener, of Nike Free Trainer and the upper of the classic Nike Dunk.

Another unique aspect is the illustration of a pea plant flower on the insole. This Nike Trainer Dunk Hybrid is one of the first from Nike's new Pisum Sativum Pack - the scientific terminology for the humble pea plant. The pack is to honor one of the first living organism to be hybridized by human being. The pea plant was the chief experiment subject for Augustinian priest Gregor Mendel - Father of Modern Genetics and assist in the understanding of how heredity and genetic works. Remember all those high school biology classes? Now you can put what you learned in good use.

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