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Because of trend setters like Hiroshi Fujiwara, Jun Takahashi, Jeff Staple, Eddie Cruz, and etc... the blog roll on Japan's has enjoy the stature of being the "go to place" for the latest news on trends and events.

There maybe a "challenger" to's stature, as ZOZOTOWN launches its very own blog roll. Named ZOZOWALKER, the new blog roll includes a very impressive list of contributors. Included is Freshenss' friend Hiroaki Shitano - creative director of whiz, Minako Suzuki - fashion model, Eiji Furuya - CEO of GARNI, Kenichi Aono - press relation of BEAMS, Osamu Shigematsu - CEO of UNITED ARROWS and etc... The design is quite unique as well, with each contributor's avatar in Flash programming, making the entries look as if they were done in real time. The only drawback is that so far, all the entries are written in Japanese.

> ZOZOWALKER (Japanese Only)