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Overkill - PUMA RS-100 Digital

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The storied RS-100 was first introduced in 1986 as the premium sneaker in PUMA's product lineup. The RS stood for "R-System", a breakthrough cushioning technology which gave runner for more responsive control. The sneaker also added reflective elements, premium leather and mesh uppers to lessen the weight of th sneaker. Over the course of 2 decades, numerous special editions of the RS Series were created, including the PUMA RS Computer Shoe

In the mid-80's, when adidas introduced the Micropacer, a miniature arms race broke out between it and the cross-town rival, PUMA. Not to be out done, PUMA created the RS Computer Shoe. While adidas Micropacer is essentially an advanced LCD pedometer on the sneaker's tongue, the PUMA RS Computer Shoe is an actual mini-computer, adhered to the rear of a PUMA RS sneaker. The device computed distance, time, and assumed calories burned. It can store the data for up to 6 years. There is also I/O port for runner to upload the data into their Apple II or Commodore 64 PC's. The sneaker was a remarkable invention for the time.

To commemorate that achievement, some 20-years after. PUMA is releasing a special edition, the PUMA RS-100 Digital. The special edition retains identical characteristics of the RS Computer Shoe, minus the computing component. Instead a "digital graphic" is finely etched in its place. PUMA will only produce 1000 pairs of this edition. And only retailers with special PUMA accounts, such as Berlin's Overkill, will carry it.

*NOTE* To further understand the story behind PUMA RS Computer Shoe, check out this website discovered by the folks at Overkill.

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