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Overkill - Rudolf Dassler by PUMA Kletterer

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Though little known today, Germany's Dassler Brothers were mavericks of their days. Like their modern counterparts, such as Philip Knight (Nike) and Paul Fireman (Reebok), Adolf and Rudolf Dassler created not one, but two athletic goods empires (Adidas and PUMA) from the humble sneakers. To honor its founder's achievements, PUMA just released a pair of PUMA Kletterer special editions. The second in the series, the sneaker is simple and straight forward. There are no high-tech gadgetry, just a mix of different textures: leather, fabric, velours and etc... PUMA's "downward swoosh" logo is replace by the original emblem, a stamp of approval, in gold. The Rudolf Dassler by PUMA Kletterer comes in low version in the coloway brown, and high version in the colorway black. Both are currently available at Overkill of Berlin.


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