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Nike Tech Pack Collection - Hard Shells

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The Nike Tech Pack is a new apparel collection by Nike designers Jerrett Reynolds and Michael Leon launching this upcoming Wednesday. The collection fuses innovative performance materials, diverse fabrication and design techniques and adapting them for the streets. The initial launch will see the iconic Windrunner in its original form and an updated no-sew version. The Track Jacket, Fleece crew, Hoody and the pocket tee also gets tech updates. Later in the year, a M65 inspired field jacket in black and chino will also get the Tech Pack treatment.

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Check out the Hard Shells from the Tech Pack Collection below.

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No-Sew Windrunner
Fall: Umber and Black
Holiday '07: Black, Chino and White

The No-Sew Windrunner is the reinvention of a Nike classic. Geoff Hollister's original vision has been re-imagined in a fresh and exciting new incarnation. While it retains the same silhouette as the classic Windrunner, all sorts of stylish and functional embellishments and improvements are used to modernize it.

The material is 100% Nylon with a DWR coating on its face for water resistance. True to form, the no-sew* construction is a technology commonly used in Nike's sports apparel. The benefit of no-sew is waterproofing no holes are created by the stitching process which would otherwise allow water to seep through.
(*Note: no-sew is not used on the bottom hem or the cuffs).


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Basic Windrunner

The basic version of the no-sew Windrunner is no slouch in the looks or performance departments. Available in varsity purple, sable green and chino for Fall '07.

Screenprinted branding finishes off a competent garment hewn from two layers of fabric, the top one being transparent and covering the lower layer with the chevron seam seal taping. The top layer of the liner is open hole mesh for breathability and the lower layer of the liner is poly jersey for warmth. True to form, the basic Windrunner also features waterproof zippers and seam sealed black taping as well as the classic ribbing at the cuff and waistband.

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M65 Jacket
Launch Holiday 07

A true classic of military design, updated and re-imagined in Chino and Black for Holiday '07.

Composed of a tough, breathable, water resistant 100% Nylon Shell, the M65 features cotton/poly Nike Dri-fit lining. Its seams are ultra sonic welded and taped back and the technical and strong lasercut pockets have reinforced edges. The zippers are of the waterproof reverse coil variety imparting functionality and protection to the wearer. The M65's pop-out hood is a blessing in bad weather and is complemented by the fold-out storm cuffs which pay homage to the original military piece, while at the same time retaining these important functional and iconic elements for a killer look.

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