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New Era Flagship Store Grand Opening - Toronto

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If you have a chance to stop by in Toronto be sure to check out the latest edition to the Fashion District of Queen Street. New Era just opened their first Flagship store North of the Border in Toronto, Canada. The store takes over the old Fila spot and they have done a great job transforming the space into a 4-story caplover's dream of a location capable of holding gallerias and parties like they did the night before. I had the privilege of meeting Sid, Director of Retail Operations for New Era and he gave me the lowdown on the store.

The store has been 7 months in the making and it is a different type of store compared to the other New Era stores. Traditionally, New Era has gone with a wood look, giving a natural type of feel. But they decided to do away with that and install a contemporary steel look in the Toronto store. The Queen Street location is actually also the largest out of all the stores sitting at 3000 sq. ft. You'll also find that at least 50% of the inventory in the Toronto Location is exclusive to Toronto. Sid also mentioned that the Asian style caps featuring the ultra detailed Koi Fish, the Chinese Devil, and the Warrior are making their appearance for the first time ever in the Toronto Flagship store but isn't an exclusive so be on the lookout to cop them at a retail store near you.

Evan, the manager at New Era, said that they've been working 20 hour days just to get the location up and running but saw the light at the end of the tunnel as there was such a demand for it. It was very apparent as people seemed to be coming in with New Era caps already on the heads only to walk out the door with 2 or 3 more.

New Era Toronto
202 Queen Street West | Map
Toronto, Ontario M5V1Z2

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