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SOLEBOX - Nike Dunk SB 4711 Peacock

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SOLEBOX of Berlin just received the latest release to the Nike SB lineup - Nike Dunk SB 4711, also known as Peacock, for it aqua-marine colorway. For this unique style, the design team at Nike went to an unlikely source for inspiration, Germany's 4711, one of the earliest producers of men's cologne.

According to 4711's corporate history, in the year 1792, a monk based in the German city of Cologne presented a wedding gift to a young couple - the secret formula for the so-called "miracle water". Understood its importance and value, the husband, Wilhelm M ¼lhens, created a company to produce formula for the masses. A few years later, disputes between nations led to the occupation of Cologne by French troops. To deter civil unrest, each house and ownership were identified with a number. Wilhelm M ¼lhens' home became #4711 and the numbers also came to be his company's logo. The house is still standing today as a museum.

Today, 4711's products are still on sale. Not only it retains the same formulation from some 200 years. Its packaging and logo have not change either. The Nike Dunk SB 4711 will be going on sale tomorrow.

Greedy Genius x Famous Stars + Straps - L.A. Takeover - 0

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