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It is quite difficult already to start a small business. It is a completely different matter when that business is in the hyper-competitive world of New York streetwear. Just ask Andrew of 3sixteen and he will tell you. Better yet, he will show you his photos from 3+ year worth of archives.

2007 was quite a year for 3sixteen. Long under wraps, the herringbone Roxanne jacket was finally released, their interpretation of motorcycle jacket of old. You will be lucky if you can find one in any of the retailers. Another was the launch of Night Vision (NHTVSN), 3sixteen's multimedia project/label that focus happenings in and out of the streetwear culture. For the upcoming season, 3sixteen is working on a few more accessories, including a cap made of Donegal-like tweed and another in micro-suede, with stain interior. For Spring/Summer seasons of 2008, the team will push into uncharted grounds aside from their staple of printed t-shirts. They are revamping some classics, like the M-65 field jacket, with new materials and silhouette, much like what they did for the motorcycle jacket.

After some initial struggles, Andrew, Johan, and the 3sixteen family are now enjoy the fruits of success, even though it is for a brief moment...

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