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Freshness Feature - MASH SF Rider: Chris 'dirt' Collins

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Interviewed by Tom Bradley
Photos by MASH SF
Produced by retrogurl

The name "MASH SF" denotes a hardscrabble aggressiveness not normally associated with San Francisco by the general misinformed public. Describe how te name is a container for what goes on in the MASH Fixed gear culture and why it could be nothing other than MASH SF.
I think that the name Mash speaks for its self. That is what we do everyday, we Mash, S.F.!

At what point did the unity, the absolute clan-mentality, begin to take root among the riders?
I think we just all came together with this one common bond and we were doing what we were having fun doing which was riding bicycles and we had fun filming as well. I think the filming aspect really pushed all of us into better riders as well. I dont look at it as a clan mentality though, I look at it more of a frinedship then anything.

It is described as an aesthetic choice to ride without brake-lines but there's more there, there has to be a deeper logic to the insanity of voracious pedaling without even the concept of stopping short should something get in the way. Describe it, what its like and why it has to be that way.
When you are riding a track bike you really use every thing in your body and not just your legs and arms. Physically you are using all your muscles and then you got the mentall part of it where you are constantly thinking of which way am I going tho have to pass this car that just stopped in front of me or this guy didnt put on his blinker but he is turning right and you really kinda are thinking of what the drivers are going to do next. You really use everything youve got physically and mentally.

With the recent spike in interest regarding your passionate pastime and the tools of the trade have there been any ill-feelings toward newcomers and is the original magic being diffused at all by the new wave of riders/enthusiasts?
I think no matter what you are gonna run into some kooks along the way but whatever. I think weve all been there in one way or another.

How does the international group of riders compare and contrast with the Americans?
I think that each city or town has its own style riding, alot different then S.F. especially. Weve got the hills here and we all love it. Then you got cities with great riders like N.Y. and they have a total different style of riding. I love that.

There is an intense athleticism to urban fixed-gear riding that cannot be denied yet it maintains the look, and danger, of an outsider's activity. Why is this seen in the same light as skateboarding was in the 1970's?
I think that alot of people who ride these bikes are kinda on the same "F**k You" level as skateboarding back then. Wild in the streets.

Describe the riders as best you can considering the eclectic nature of the bunch? (What is shared among them beyond the track bike?)
There are so many different styles in the Mash crew. You got Hip Hop, Punk Rock, Indie, etc.. Most of us knew each other before filming for Mash and we were friends then and I think that it is great not to subject yourself to one kind of genre or style or what ever, just keep an open mind about things and thats what we all do and we get along.

What would you like to see happen in the coming months/year with MASH SF?
I would just like to travel and meet some of the people that Ive been hearing so many good things about.


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