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MASH SF - A Freshness Feature

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They've been back and forth across the streets of your city at speeds buses and bugged-out taxis might envy. They've got no brakes, none save the heels of their shoes or that unavoidable obstacle which abruptly met with the front tire. Fixed gear riders know nothing beyond that beautiful American notion of unbridled speed. Pedaling, attacking even, the same avenues and streets filled with dragging feet and trudging pedestrians, people whose cheeks have long forgot the kiss of a crisp wind churned on by the legs beneath them. MASH SF is a contingent of fixed gear riders aggressively pursuing that idea of adventure that lead this country out West to San Francisco so long ago. These are some intrepid folks and here is what they've got to say for themselves.

Interview with MASH SF Rider: James Newman



Interview with MASH SF Rider: Jonathan Burkett



Interview with MASH SF Rider: Chris "dirt' Collins



Interview with MASH SF Rider: Massan