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MESS [Beijing] x New Era

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MESS [Beijing] x New Era - 0

MESS in Beijing is collaborating with New Era on a fitted inspired by China's rich history to release October 1st. The symbol on the hat represents prosperity, fortune, and luck, while the side symbol (the two circles) is an ancient symbol for money. The silk fabric under-brim is taken from the history of silk in China; Silk was at one time a commodity traded mainly through routes within China. The collaboration marks the first time a Chinese streetwear brand has collaborated with New Era. The black version of the hat will be released with the t-shirt on October 1st during a Chinese National Holiday and will retail for 320 RMB and the matching tee shirt will be sold for 290 RMB. A white version of the hat will be limited to 30 pieces and will be for friends and family only.

484 A. North Dong Si North Ave.
Dong Cheng District, Beijing 100010

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MESS [Beijing] x New Era - 1

MESS [Beijing] x New Era - 2

MESS [Beijing] x New Era - 3

MESS [Beijing] x New Era - 4


MESS [Beijing] x New Era - 5

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MESS [Beijing] x New Era - 7

MESS [Beijing] x New Era - 8


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